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Studio Blackburn and Nirvana CPH have teamed up to create a unique and innovative wallchart for this year’s UEFA Euro 2024, merging the excitement of football with the joy of beer.

This year’s wallchart, aptly named the “Beer Chart,” is a novel concept that combines a traditional football tournament wallchart with a custom-made ‘beercase’ housing seven collectible beers. These bespoke cans serve as a one-of-a-kind memento for each round of the tournament, designed to be enjoyed as the games progress.

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Window Chart

Throughout the tournament, The Volley Pub proudly displayed this year’s design on their large front window, updating the scores as the event progressed. Despite the owner’s Scottish heritage, which didn’t bring much personal joy from the results, we’re declaring it London’s Largest “Window Chart” for Euro 2024. So far, no one has challenged our claim to the title.

The Process

We had a lot of fun with this project. Coming up with the concept was easy, and seeing the final design come to fruition has been fantastic. Everyone in the studio pitched in to make it happen. A big thank you to Nirvana CPH for being on board and helping us bring our vision to life.

The Volley

To top it all off, we hosted an event at The Volley Pub in Shoreditch. Everyone could pick up their beer chart and celebrate the beer, the football, and catching up with old and new friends. It was a great time enjoying a cold beer with fellow fans and design enthusiasts.