Studio Blackburn

Cheers to the Beautiful Game

  • Beer
  • Euro 24
  • Brand Identity
  • Design
  • Football
  • Print
  • Production
  • Wallchart

We teamed up with Nirvana CPH to create a unique and innovative wallchart for this year’s UEFA Euro 2024, merging the excitement of football with the joy of beer.

This year’s wallchart, aptly named the “Beer Chart,” is a novel concept that combines a traditional football tournament wallchart with a custom-made ‘beercase’ housing seven collectible beers. These bespoke cans serve as a one-of-a-kind memento for each round of the tournament, designed to be enjoyed as the games progress.

A Beer for Every Round

The premise behind the Beer Chart is simple yet engaging: “If you finish your crate, your team’s done great. One cold beer for every game your team might play at the Euros.” Even if your team doesn’t make it through, you can still enjoy a cold beer for each round of the tournament: “If your team’s done shit, you’ll get over it, crack one open anyway, fill in all the scores and kick back.”

Brewed to perfection in collaboration with Match Day Brewery, the Euro 24 Pilsners (4.2% ABV, 7x 330ml) offer a refreshing taste to complement the football excitement.

A Tribute to the Tournament

Adding a personal touch, the beercase includes a sheet of stickers and features 24 unique designs celebrating each of the 24 participating teams. These designs pay homage to the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship and each participating nation.