A new rebrand and magazine design for the world’s leading and longest-established publication dedicated to reporting on progress and possibility.

“Studio Blackburn connected with the value of what we do and committed whole-heartedly to using their design insight and skill to magnifying it.”

Seán Dagan Wood, editor-in-chief

Positive News wanted the new branding to capture the essence and vision of Positive News and help them reach a much wider audience – moving from an independent market into the mainstream, without compromising the fact (and feel) that the business is a beyond-profit organisation.

The final logotype and brand identity had to embody positive values and contain an element of future focus. The logotype also needed to work as a masthead. To achieve this in the design, the forward arrow shape within the capital ‘P’ serves to differentiate it and give it a sense of purpose. The word Positive was amplified and News reduced in size to work as a lockup. The dot of the ‘i’ also doubles as the dot of the url in positive.news.

Our creative insight was to give a viewer’s sense of a light being switched on. This is reflected literally in the two table-lamp symbols our team developed along with the line ‘switch the light on’. As an enlightening news source with an enlightened approach to journalism, the design of the brand and the magazine needed to reflect this.

Responding to a brief to be brave in the design approach, we chose a serious and sombre blue as the base colour, supported by two brights - turquoise and coral red. Three fonts were chosen - Neuzeit, Miller and Colchis, with a refreshed and modified version of Colchis being supplied by Seb McLauchlan