Studio Blackburn

22 Wallcharts on
22 Materials for
the 22nd FIFA
World Cup in 2022


Football fans deserve timeless design, not discardable design.

Tabloid wallcharts have been a staple of footballing competitions for decades, but always designed to be discarded once the competition ends. We wanted to challenge that tradition and create something that fans could take pride in displaying long after the final whistle had blown. A functional wallchart and a standalone piece of art that celebrates the beautiful game through design and print.

22 Wallcharts on 22 Materials for the 22nd FIFA World Cup in 2022 is a design-led alternative to the traditional tabloid wallchart which pairs a utilitarian typographic system with complex print production techniques and unconventional substrates to celebrate both the sport and craft.

Born of the idea “graphics on any surface”, we worked with Nirvana Creative Production House to explore the possibilities of production by creating 22 unique wallcharts on 22 substrates, ranging from foam to concrete, to demonstrate the potential of print. This complex process worked harmoniously with a typographic system that was designed to challenge the exceptions of a traditional wallchart by altering how you interact with the information.